BCC Color Box

In the suitcase with color samples (also called “BCC color box”), which you as a customer has access to when you do business with us, there are over 500 different colors and shades to choose from. It also guarantees that you get exactly the colors that you ordered. The yarns are spun and colored on the factory site, which means that our manufacturer has full control all along the production chain.


BIL 60

As a complement to the BCC Color Box, we offer a smaller box; BIL 60. This box contains a smaller number of colors in shades that complements the ones in the BCC.


OW Color Box

We would also like to present to you our “Organic Weave color box” with 120 organic colors that are used in our organic wool and cotton carpets range. Thanks to free range sheep only being fed with certified fodder, we can be certain that our wool is truly organic.