One, two – or several hundred

Our rug manufacturer in India is world leading when it comes to handmade rugs of different manufacturing techniques. By far they fulfill the demands that we put on our suppliers. They’re quality and environmentally certified according to ISO-standard. At least as important they’re also SA 8000 certified, which means that they are actively working with health care for employees and to curb child labor.
Whatever the size or amount of carpets that you wish, we’ll always be there to help you. We simply customize to every customer’s specific needs. This means that you can order one single rug or several hundreds, and in principle in whatever design, color or size you wish. From the day of approved design sample, we can deliver a finalized carpet to the customer’s site in only six weeks, if necessary.
Depending on the rug’s purpose; where the carpet should be and what it will have to endure, different techniques will be used when manufacturing the rug. The choice of technique is often a matter of looks. We offer most of the techniques available on the market. Thanks to a very flexible manufacturing process, our customers are given the possibility to mix different designs to accomplish a unique result.


Challenge yourself!

Through access to different materials, colors, manufacturing techniques and finishings, we dare to say that the possibilities are unlimited. In fact, it is most likely your own imagination that sets the boundaries of what can be achieved. Therefore, we want to encourage you to challenge yourself!