We are specialists at supplying quality products for hotels. Since hotels, particularly, have high demands when it comes to durability and design, it is important that we keep what we promise.

Our philosophy is to find manufacturers that do what they are best at; to manufacture products with high quality at a sharp price.

Whether we are discussing rugs and carpets, lightings, furniture, or something else, we can realize your ideas thanks to suppliers with a flexible production that allows tailored solutions.

There are mainly two reasons to why architects and interior decorators choose us for their projects. The first one is our availability, which is just as important when it comes to rapidly receiving information on prices and delivery information or when you just want to bounce an idea off us. The second is our high level of service and the fact that we supply customers worldwide.

Quite naturally there are more reasons for working with Tri West. During the years our experiences have helped us to build quite the bank of knowledge, and we would be more than happy to share this knowledge with you. Furthermore, we never compromise with quality, perhaps the most important fact for you as a customer to know about us.

With Tri West as a business partner you can be certain about receiving exactly what you ask for, and, importantly, often much more.