With a history stretching all the way back to 1921, the brand Valadares possesses an enormous amount of experience. All the steps along the production are carried out in-house; from grinding of the raw material to the application of the enamel. This enables control of the complete process, from start to end, to avoid quality issues from a third part. Another interesting fact is that Valadares possesses the oldest laboratory in Portugal with a rich history of innovation.

Apart from the wide collection, there is also a good will to producing custom-made products (albeit at larger quantities). In the factory, the enamel is applied by hand making it thicker and therefore more durable but also whiter. Moreover, Valadares grants no less than 20 years warranty on the enamel.



In the pursuit of intricate and larger shapes, FFC (Fine FireClay) has become ever so popular to use when producing washbasins, in spite of this raw material not being as noble as vitreous china, which normally is used for producing toilets. Because of this particular reason, Valadares has developed a raw material of their own; GRESANIT™ – a combination of stoneware (GRÉS) and vitreous china (porcelana SANITária) which enables intricate and larger shapes while still maintaining the high standard of the vitreous china).