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Frames, Print and Composition

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

Few things help to create a sense of homage like a piece of art on the wall as it removes the sterility that otherwise would appear on bare, empty walls. Through Moldartpóvoa, you will have access to a comprehensive solution for frames, profiles, printing of motifs, motifs bank, and framing to enhance the overall impression of your project.


Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

It is the little details that make the difference. Finding the right accessories that can complement and enhance the rest of the bathroom can be compared to finding a tie, handkerchief, handbag, or jewelry that adds an extra level of elegance to other clothing. Additionally, the bathroom accessories are an important feature as they help keep the bathroom in order and ensure that everything is easily accessible. We can offer a whole range of different accessories in varying shapes. Of course, we can also customize accessories for your project specifically.

Illuminated mirrors and fittings

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

Proper lighting is always important, especially in the bathroom where we often spend a lot of time before leaving for the workday, for an event or just meeting friends. It also requires a good combination of lighting that creates a good general light, but also offers a focused light for mirrors for example make-up or shaving. The environment in a bathroom with moisture and moisture is very demanding why it is important to use luminaires designed and intended for this space. Both our bathroom lighting providers provide a wide range of fixtures and illuminated mirrors for the bathroom. However, what might be most interesting for you to know is that both can customize existing luminaires and mirrors as well as to make according to your wishes. Everything to create as good and appealing environment as possible in the bathroom.

Sanitary ware

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

Along with the mixer and shower set, sanitary ware are probably the most important items in the bathroom. We use these several times daily to keep our hygiene in check. Today there is an enormous amount of sanitary ware on the market. Therefore, it is also important to know what you choose. Through our supplier we can offer high-quality products with a warranty period of as long as 20 years. There is also a large product catalog for you to browse. For those who want to draw their own products, there are of course also possibilities for this.

Shower screens

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

Shower walls give us both a practical and neat solution in the bathroom as it makes sure to limit the water to the desired surfaces while giving a nice impression and creating a sense of space. We can offer a variety of solutions and designs in both tempered and laminated glass. To make a shower wall more individual, there are also different frost and printing options to choose from. In general, we also offer customized solutions to help you realize your project.


Posted on: June 25th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

In comparison with indoor lighting, outdoor lighting is put to a completely different test, especially in Scandinavia where wind and salt create great stresses. Therefore, it is of supreme importance that the outdoor lighting is robust and resistant. That is why we are pleased to collaborate with such a sincere and experienced supplier as Modo Luce.


Posted on: June 25th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

”How many different models can mankind actually create?” – Well, sorry to say, but we do not know the answer to that question. What do know, however, is that we have gathered several agencies for decorative indoor lighting under the same roof to provide a great deal of the models that have been created so far.

”But I want a creation of my own” – No worries! In fact, many of our producers are focused on finding tailored solutions. This means that we can help you produce whatever that is on top of your mind.

Fitted carpets

Posted on: June 25th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

Thanks to our supplier of fitted carpets, we can offer both standard and customized solutions for all parts at the hotel. There are products available in several different materials (wool, polyester, polyamide, sisal and jute – just to name a few), densities and pile heights to choose from. We help you to find whatever that fits your project.

Loose rugs

Posted on: June 25th, 2017 by cerstrand_mace

One, two – or several hundred

Our rug manufacturer in India is world leading when it comes to handmade rugs of different manufacturing techniques. By far they fulfill the demands that we put on our suppliers. They’re quality and environmentally certified according to ISO-standard. At least as important they’re also SA 8000 certified, which means that they are actively working with health care for employees and to curb child labor.
Whatever the size or amount of carpets that you wish, we’ll always be there to help you. We simply customize to every customer’s specific needs. This means that you can order one single rug or several hundreds, and in principle in whatever design, color or size you wish. From the day of approved design sample, we can deliver a finalized carpet to the customer’s site in only six weeks, if necessary.
Depending on the rug’s purpose; where the carpet should be and what it will have to endure, different techniques will be used when manufacturing the rug. The choice of technique is often a matter of looks. We offer most of the techniques available on the market. Thanks to a very flexible manufacturing process, our customers are given the possibility to mix different designs to accomplish a unique result.


Challenge yourself!

Through access to different materials, colors, manufacturing techniques and finishings, we dare to say that the possibilities are unlimited. In fact, it is most likely your own imagination that sets the boundaries of what can be achieved. Therefore, we want to encourage you to challenge yourself!